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Lori Duffy Foster

Austinburg, PA
I am a former newspaper reporter who writes mystery/suspense and thrillers while raising our four kids in just-off-center-of- nowhere, PA. I have completed four novels -- two are part of a series, one is a thriller and the other is an historical courtroom drama set in the Adirondacks in the mid 1920s. (The Adirondacks are in my blood, mostly because of all the black fly and mosquito bites I suffered growing up there.) My novels are currently under submission to publishers. My short fiction has appeared in the journal Aethlon, and in the anthologies Short Story America and Childhood Regained. My nonfiction has appeared in Healthy Living, Running Times, Literary Mama, Crimespree and Mountain Home magazines. I attended Crime Bake two years ago and got so much out of it. Can't wait to return!
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