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Tonya Price

Magnolia Lane Press
Writer, Indie Publisher
Franklin, MA
I am a published short story SF, Mystery and Thriller writer, both traditionally and self-published. I use my 15 year high tech experience consulting with start-up companies and Cornell MBA to help authors balance their creative writing with the business side of being an author in today's high tech world.

I have a short story coming out 2017 in Fiction River's "Hard Choices" anthology and I have a non-fiction book, "The Writer's Business Plan," that launched May 25, 2016 as part of a Storybundle of business books for writers.

"The Writer's Business Plan" is the first of three books in the Business Books For Writers (http://www.BusinessBooksForWriters.com) series. If you have questions about running a writing business, I'm happy to talk. If you write mysteries and thrillers then you have found a fellow traveler.
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