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Liza Dawson Associates

Liza established Liza Dawson Associates following a successful 20-year career in book publishing, including posts as executive editor of Putnam Publishing and executive editor at William Morrow. She received her B.A. in history from Duke University and is a graduate of the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures course. 

Liza's authors include Robyn Carr, Annie Barrows, Tawni O'Dell, Marie Bostwick, Bob Brier, Carla Norton, Victoria Christopher Murray, Stella Cameron, Jean Sasson and along with Anna Olswanger, the Eleanor Roosevelt Estate.

Liza is on the board of the AAR (the Association of Author's Representatives). She belongs to the Author’s Guild, the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers Inc and The Women’s Media Group.

She specializes in: Smart, plot-driven bestselling fiction. Page-turning thrillers that teach you about spycraft, foreign intrigue or an unusual career. Mysteries – featuring brainy detectives. Women's fiction for book clubs. Breakout historical novels and romances. Fresh young adult fiction.

She wants storytellers with electric voices. If you sent her a historical literary thriller featuring a brilliant wizard who reads Dickens, she would be very happy. Or a dark, compelling, contemporary novel about a former CIA agent who is afraid for her life. Or a novel about social class, a contemporary BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES.

In nonfiction, she is drawn to cross-cultural and women's issues written by experts. She is looking for narrative history (especially about the ancient world), memoirs about women and men who have escaped from closed, repressive societies and books by journalists and poets who are trying to make sense of exotic locations, race, the environment, Wall Street, Washington, and the South. Humor and tenderness are a plus, and she has a weakness for cartoonists and quirky humor. Of course, lists like this are ridiculous, but you already know that.

Contact Liza at queryliza@LizaDawsonAssociates.com.